Control Instant Messaging

The Barracuda IM Firewall is the first product to provide everything an organization needs to control and manage internal and external instant messaging (IM) traffic. It combines an integrated IM server and gateway solution that is powerful, easy to use, and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Installing in minutes, it can easily and completely identify and manage both internal and public IM traffic within your organization.

Using the Barracuda IM Firewall, your organization can eliminate the security, virus, or compliance risks of instant messaging while harnessing the communications and productivity benefits for which IM has become an indispensable asset.

Spyware Firewall

Powerful, Complete Solution

 The Barracuda IM Firewall combines an internal IM server and client with management and security measures to form the most complete instant messaging solution available. The Barracuda IM Firewall provides:

IM traffic identification and logging
Public IM access controls
Virus scanning of all incoming messages and files
File transfer management
Keyword notification and content management
A private and secure IM server and client solution
Access to internal and all public IM networks from a single client

Barracude Instant Messaging Filter

Most instant messaging products provide either an IM server for secure internal instant messaging within your organization, or an IM gateway to identify, log, and report on existing IM traffic. The Barracuda IM Firewall is a secure IM server with a feature rich IM management solution in an appliance format. This two-tiered approach provides organizations a complete IM solution within minutes.

Easy to Use

The Barracuda IM Firewall is easy to set up and rollout to your users. Installing a unit inline takes minutes and, once connected, all public IM traffic is captured and logged to an internal database. With an intuitive user interface for maintenance and monitoring, the Barracuda IM Firewall is a virtually administration-free solution. When using the IM server, user deployment features such as an email rollout tool allow users to have the client installed and connected in minutes. System updates are delivered automatically by Barracuda Central, an advanced 24/7 security operations center that works to continuously to provide the most effective methods to identify and control public IM traffic and combat ever-changing virus variants. Energize Updates are distributed hourly so that you are always protected against the latest threats.


Large and small organizations alike demand solutions that are affordable not just for today, but also for the future as they grow. The Barracuda IM Firewall enables organizations to grow without having to worry about increasing user license fees. With no per user license fees, the Barracuda IM Firewall is the most affordable secure IM server and management solution available.