Bloxx Email Filtering

A new generation of anti-spam appliances to make email productive again.With over 183 billion emails sent each day and research showing that around 50% of emails being processed by corporate email servers are non-business related, Bloxx Email Filter appliances enable you to address user email productivity and further cut out spam and viruses from entering your network.

The Bloxx Email Filter provides real-time content analysis and categorisation of emails based on the top-level domain of the email address and any URL links embedded in the email. The Categorisation Engine uses an optimised URL database and Tru-View Technology – a real-time content categoriser – to accurately determine into which of the 50 Bloxx content categories the email should be classified. The URL category database can be extended to include domains specific to your business.

This additional layer of filtering allows the Bloxx Email Filter to determine if an email is business or personal and how it should be handled. You can manage an Email Acceptable Use Policy that contains varying access rights per group and the ability to adopt time-based policies. This ensures that only relevant business-related email is delivered immediately and personal email is held until break-times or blocked, delivering more choice on how you manage personal email in the work place.

With edge protection, two spam engines and a Content Categorisation Engine, the Bloxx Email Filter delivers an exceptionally high spam catch rate with the lowest false positives and negatives in the industry. With frequent software enhancements and signature database updates, the Bloxx Email filter provides up to the minute protection against new and emerging spam attacks.

The Bloxx Email Filter offers advanced anti-virus technology that gives up-to-the-minute protection against email threats. Cross-platform anti-virus protection delivers a solid defence that reduces exposure to infection.

You can now ensure users are kept on task, and productivity and operational efficiency is maximised during core working hours with the Bloxx Email Filter.