Bloxx Media Filtering

You TubeThe Bloxx Media Filter is a secure Web appliance which enables education organisations to obtain all the educational benefits of YouTube media content in a safe and secure online environment.

Teachers can quickly identify curriculum-related YouTube media and with a few clicks, assign them to a subject area and age range, then submit them for approval. With Bloxx Media Filter teachers are given autonomy to help enrich learning experiences through the use of online media, and improve local, collaborative learning and resource sharing.

Once the videos are approved, students can easily search and view videos which are then streamed directly from YouTube through the appliance to classroom PCs. Students can only view pre-approved and the appropriate age-rated YouTube media content with related comments and media clips removed. This reduces risk and helps deliver a safe online environment that meets e-safety guidelines.

The Bloxx Media Filter provides a complete audit trail of video clips submitted and approved or rejected, and the relevant age range. The appliance is easy and straightforward to deploy into your network and after initial configuration requires minimal ongoing management. It ensures that bandwidth intensive YouTube content is kept to a minimum, preserving bandwidth for other applications and services and it helps eliminate helpdesk calls to block or unblock access to YouTube content. This frees up your time to focus on projects or activities that are more urgent.

You can now enable your teaching staff to utilise the educations benefits of YouTube content without any of the inherent risk.