Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingWe'll sort out your entire cloud solution, all the way from the drawing board to the migration, we'll sort out everything you need to reach your full potential as a business. One of the most attractive advantages of cloud computing is the economical appeal; only paying for what is used, and only using what is needed. The other major advantages are that all your resources are readily available, wherever there is an internet connection. Matrix will take care of all the maintenance, all you need to do is let us know what you need from the system, and we’ll tailor it to your requirements. Using remote servers to host your networks, all housed in highly secure data centres, all the servers are maintained by in-house IT management.

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Reaching for the Clouds

Users can log on to their applications from anywhere with an internet connection, signing on to a hosted desktop or remote client, to interact with their software and applications. Another feature of cloud computing is that users don’t have to purchase expensive software or worry about updating licences, the cost of this is incorporated into the subscription fee.

Hosted Desktops

Hosted desktops are an alternative to traditional desktop PC’s, but still look and behave in the same way, providing all the services you need from your computer. Users can simply log into their remotely hosted desktop and use their software and applications from anywhere in the world. This also means that users could use any machine to access their desktop; a personal laptop, or an internet café on the beach in Thailand!

Hosted Email

Hosted email exchange harnesses the power of the world’s premiere email platform Microsoft Exchange® and uses it to your advantage. A safe and stable solution which will store all your emails centrally on managed servers, ready for you to access anywhere and have all your correspondence, contacts and calendar.

Hosted PhoneCloud Services

Hosted telephone, or VoIP (Voice over IP), is a means of making phone calls over the internet. Working just like a traditional telephone, VoIP is more than capable of coping with standard calls, but with big cost advantages. Removing the need for a complex phone system with handsets, lines and numbers VoIP is an alternative you can just plug in to your network, and it’s ready to go!

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a popular feature because of the convenience it provides. Accessing files from anywhere will change the way we use computers. Working on a presentation at home in the evening the morning before you have to have the meeting will be easy and working from home would no longer be a stress. Storage of the files is calculated on a capacity used throughout the particular month, so you never pay for more than you used.

Dynamic Servers

Dynamic servers are here to replace dedicated servers. Using only what you need, you are able to set limits on the amount of processing power and space you are going to use, which means you’re not paying for hardware you don’t need. You can change the dynamic server settings at any time, from anywhere, so you’re always aware of how much you’re using.

Data Resilience

All data is stored in a Tier 3 or Tier 4 data centre, which ensures security physically and through the network. Access to the datacentres is also restricted by either proximity card or biometric security systems.

Solely using diskless processing engines to ensure the Storage Area Network is the only place the data is stored centrally. This provides greater resilience through 'striping' data accross multiple drives in a SAN for improved security and speed. By default, all data stored will be replicated on another Storage Area Network in the same country. This acts as a real-time, offsite copy of the data. In the highly unlikely event of a total failure at one of our SAN sites, the data is not lost and can be replicated again at another site.

Access to Services

Every access point to the electronic services are SSL (secure socket layer) encrypted to at least 128bit. With security being so important, it is paramount for us to provide powerful encryption. All emails, passwords and other data sent to or from the network is secured to the highest standards possible.

We can also provide VPN (virtual private network) access to a few services such as Hosted Desktops. This comes at an additional charge, but it is available with PPTP or VPN including a permanent point to point tunnel or dial-up VPN.

File SecurityIntrusion Detection System

All data centres are protected by TripWireTM intrusion detection system (IDS). This system is used to monitor, log and detect suspicious or unusual network and user behaviour within the internal network. IDS is implemented on external as well as internal networks, with a large number of automatic triggers to alert our engineers of any unusual activity so it can be isolated.

Staff Control and Access Monitoring

All engineers that have access to potentially sensitive information are made to pass a data competency check. Every member of staff has their references checked and don't have a criminal record, also, they sign an encompassing Non Disclosure Agreement, which prevents the disclosure of any sensitive information. Systems and Data access is only performed by experienced engineering staff that have been granted the level of access by a director of the company. All work carried out by staff is monitored.

Changes to data, infrastructure or systems must be logged with change control software to ensure we can reverse the policy if necessary, and also track any issues that arise.

Quarterly audits by senior management are made to ensure access to data is aligned to the correct staff.

Data Ownership

We can ensure security and privacy of your data by being accredited with the Data Protection Agency. We comply with the principals of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

The privacy and security of the data stored with us is of utmost importance to us. We will always conform to the principals set out by the Data Protection and EC Directive. The Information Commissioner regulates compliance with the Data Protection Act. Cloud Vault

Our customers are confident that their data is stored safely, and only accessible by them, reducing their business risk. We take responsibility for ensuring proper security measures are in place to protect the data you have stored with us. Backups, copies and files are accessible at any time, and none of the data is stored in a proprietary format.

The data stored on our servers remains your property at all times.

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