Track , Find & Recover Stolen Laptops / Notebooks and Remotely Delete Data with Computrace One


Why Computrace One?

In today’s world of technology, data can be accessed and shared 24 hours a day from just about any location. So how well can you account for your corporate IT assets? And what about the data they hold? Failure to monitor and control this part of your business can lead to data breach penalties – and even worse, the type of negative publicity that can take years to repair.

Did you know?

More than 3,500 laptops go missing at EMEA airports every week, that’s 500 laptops every day!
The cost of recovering from a single data breach averages more than £1.4 million per breach.
The majority of data breaches in Europe (44%) are due to lost or stolen computers
Absolute recovers 3 out of 4 missing computers (source, Absolute Software, 2008)
The fastest recovery was 47minutes (source, Absolute Software, 2008)

What is Computrace One?Laptop

Computrace One provides Computer Theft Recovery, Secure Asset Tracking™ and Data Delete solutions. Computrace® One™ by Absolute® Software helps users:

Manage - Monitor and manage all IT assets within a single interface.
Protect - In the event of loss or theft, remotely delete all sensitive information and generate reports to prove compliance according to government and corporate regulations.
Recover - Report a theft and engage the Absolute Theft Recovery Team who will work with local authorities to recover your property.

Computrace FunctionsHow Does Computrace One Work?

Through partnerships with leading computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Panasonic , Fujitsu & Toshiba the Computrace Agent is embedded in many computers at the factory. Or it can be easily installed yourself. The Agent in the firmware is incredibly persistent allowing computers to maintain a connection with a Monitoring Centre - even if the hard drive is completely reformatted or replaced.

One the Agent is activated - the computer (and everything on it) is protected.

What Vendors Support Computrace One?

Currently the following vendors Support Computrace One - Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Fujitsu Siemens,Panasonic, Gateway, Motion Computing, Gammatech, General Dynamics.

TOSHIBA, at present, support US systems only , If you have a Toshiba Laptop and would like to run Computrace One on it - please contact us on 01274 588600 and we will be able to advise you. More recent models in the last few months in the EU now do support Computrace One.

A Full List of Supported vendors can be found here

I want to order Computrace One - how do i go about this?

In the first instance , please phone us on 01274 588600 with your details , details of your intended quantity required and the length of time you are looking at for the initial Licence. We will then be able to process the order for you.

We are currently working on an on-line ordering system for Computrace One - this will be available later in the year.

How Much does Computrace One Cost?

Pricing is dependant on your organisation, number of users and over how many years you require cover, please contact us for further details or to arrange a free webinar demonstration.

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