Keep IT Secure Cabinets

Keep it secure

We have partnered with Keep IT Secure, a leading specialist manufacturer of secure laptop & tablet storage trolleys. The premium build, security and reliability of the trolleys sets Keep IT Secure apart from the competition. Manufacturing trolleys since 2005, Keep IT Secure have a solid reputation to accompany their solid products. We provide commited support, and are able to help you select which type of trolley is best suited to accommodate the units you need to keep safe.

We have partnered with Keep IT Secure to bring all the benefits of these trolleys to your sector of business, already having saved schools and businesses a small fortune in prevented theft. With technology always becoming more portable and expensive, securing it has never been more important.

Whether you are looking for an affordable premium build quality trolley for a few laptops, or need to work with an experienced specialist partner to deliver a large scale, time critical solution, we have the flexibility and expertise to make the difference. With Keep IT Secure, you're in safe hands. For overnight security you can trust Keep IT Secure to store your valuable goods, safe from crowbar and hammer attacks.

Keep IT Secure are at the forefront of new safety innovations, and improving user safety awareness about mobile computer cabinets. We will never compromise on product safety in order to offer lower market prices.

Keep IT Secure CabinetNot all cabinets are the same. If you can buy a trolley at a lower price, please ask yourself why. Does it incorporate advanced electrical safety features that have been independently checked by an approved safety body, and which far exceed current legislation, including: power sockets behind a lockable steel safety door with auto shutoff; a fan cooling system; built in surge protection technology; back EMF protection? Is it CE marked and shipped with a Lifetime Warranty? When you invest in a Keep IT Secure product, we insist that peace of mind comes as standard as well. Why compromise?

Which Trolley do you Need?

The trolleys can store between 6 and 60 laptops or tablets, depending on what else you need from the trolley depends on which model you require.

The S-Series laptop trolleys are available in a wide range of sizes and offer a host of features that make them ideal for educational, business and healthcare environments.

Our latest N-Series network models offer exceptional safety, security and performance as standard. Accessing and managing notebooks from remote locations has never been easier or safer. Full Network connectivity is simple with the new N-Series premium build laptop trolley range.

Our latest M-Series netbook trolleys offer all the advanced safety, security and performance features of our other ranges, with the added benefit of dedicated netbook storage. With easy upgrade options, including full network management, these premium models are the netbook trolleys of choice.

Our new generation of I-Series trolleys can be custom configured and supplied from our UK factory, to meet the requirements of any worldwide region. The strength of the I-Series trolleys lies in their modular design, allowing for easy on site upgrades and management of the trolleys at all times. Incorporating advanced levels of safety, security and performance as standard, the I-Series is the reliable premium build choice for our overseas customers.

For more details on any of the above models, please call us on 01274 588600 and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.