IT Networking

If you’re setting up your office or workplace network you might find it helpful to speak to us about your requirements and see if we’ve come across something similar in the past, if not, we’ll still help you find the right solution for your requirements and tailor-make your network. We can supply you with the raw basics for a simple LAN right up to a worldwide WAN with optimization. On top of that we can help you piece together everything you need to create and implement your network. If you’ve got a small office with less than 10 users, or a whole business with 1000+ employees we’ll be able to supply the right equipment and we can even install the cabling and take care of all the configuration for you.

We can supply a wide range of networking products from top manufacturers such a Cisco, Juniper & HP. Our extenisive product range covers everthing for the networking environment such as:
Wireless Networking Devices
Temperature & Secuirty Monitors
Cables & Patch Panels
Network Testing Equipment & Software

Listed above is just a small selection of the networking brands we can provide - please contact us or call us on 01274 588600 with your requirements and we would be happy to help.