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SamsungJoin the new era of computing. The way computers are used in the office is about to change...

Today the concept of not having any computers in your office might sound like a crazy idea. But not for long. A new era has begun, and now Matrix IT Computers can supply your office with everything you need to run your office without a single computer.

Each employee having just a screen, keyboard and mouse in front of them, with just one ethernet cable connecting them to the desk, the points of failure just plummeted.

Powered over ethernet, and connected to the remote desktop through the same cable, there is very little that can go wrong. The worst case scenario is that one of the cables breaks or goes faulty, or one of the screens does. The cables are cheap to repair, and the screens are covered by a 3 year warranty as standard, which can be upgraded to a 5 year warranty on request.

How much could starting to use Samsung Cloud Displays save your business?

The main saving to be made with switching to Cloud Displays is the energy savings. Below is a comparison of the costs of running a normal computer against a Samsung NC190.

Operating Expenditure

As you can see, the savings over an average year of computer use can be quite significant.

How much do I save?

In addition to the savings on the electricity for the business, there are the savings on the office floor as well. The reduced noise reduction improves staff productivity, the reduced heat output decreases the A/C power consumption and the minimum infrastructure reduces the component cost.In addition to this, the support desk calls are reduced, resulting in less need for staff which also keeps costs low.

What do I need?

We can provide a solution for any size of office, whether it is 20 PC's or 2000 we'll be able to create a bespoke PC environment that will suit your needs and provide you with a cost-effective and money-saving way to run your business.

For more information on Samsung Cloud Displays please download the product White Paper from here:

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