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Join the new era of computing. The way businesses use laptops is about to improve...

Samsung's latest range of laptops for business come in 3 tiers; 2 Series, 4 Series and 6 Series, which are suited to meet your needs and help you achieve everything you need from your laptop.

Samsung Laptopns come with 5 Year Warranty

Samsung boast a 5 year warranty on the series, and also an 'Always On' guarantee which means Samsung will refund the whole amount paid if the device fails. Any hard technical issue the product develops will not only be fully repaired by Samsung, but a refund issued as well.

LaptopBuying new laptops can earn you money!

Samsung are also offering to buy back any old laptops you may have as long as they are less than 5 years old and in operational condition. Any manufacturer, any spec and Samsung will buy back the old machines, and also give you an additional £10 per laptop to cover the carriage charges.

What are the features?

Each of the laptops is equipped with solid metal hinges, which are usually one of the first parts to go faulty on older laptops. Also the new range has an ergonomic keyboard. Each key has a longer keystroke than competing laptops and is designed to improve typing and is built to withstand ten million keystrokes (which is equivalent to 7 years of typing). Another brilliant feature of the keyboards is the spill resistance and drainage. In the underside of the laptop chassis there are drainage holes which keep water away from the computers vital components, although the motherboard is seperately encased in a sealed compartment.

In addition to these safety features, there is also an additional data-safety mechanism. Samsung understand that for a lot of customers the data stored on the mobile PC is more valuable than the mobile itself. Normally if a laptop is dropped, there is a risk of the disk head striking the surface of the disk which can cause irrepearable damage to the hard disk and result in lost data. Samsung for Business range are equipped with a free fall sensor which senses when the laptop is dropped and park the the disk head away from the surface of the disk so it can't do any damage. It takes 0.4 seconds to activate the free fall sensor, which is equal to a drop of 76cm.

The notebooks are tested under extreme heat conditions to ensure functionality in any type of environment. The laptops remain operational at anything from -30° up to +60° Celsius.

In addition to all of the above, Samsung guarantee the manufacture of the accessories to work with these units for the next 5 years. This means that whenever a charger cable gets shredded by the cleaners or a docking station gets knocked off the desk and broken, a replacement won't be hard to find.

Which one do you need?

There are three laptop ranges to choose from, Series 2 which are the most cost effective, but they've still got it where it counts! Most suitable for small businesses which need easy to use laptops for day-to day computing. Including Samsung's Duracase, this machine is able to support weights of up to 500kg.

Series 4 laptops are the mid-range units which are designed to be able to cope with a bit more than the Series 2's. If you are using the computer every day to process data and need a workhorse that will be able to cope under the strain of all you can throw at it. Including docking station support, there isn't much you won't be able to do.

Series 6 laptops are the real heavyweights. Anything you can throw at this laptop will be taken in its stride and the most compex processes and applications are no problem. If you are using the machine constantly and require a lot of processing power at your fingertips, the Series 6 is the one for you. Also including a fingerprint scanner for additional security, and Lo-Jack technology to trace the laptop if it is lost or stolen the Series 6 is extra tough because of the Duracase Pro MG casing, which can withstand weights and pressures up to 1000kg. A truly harcore piece of equipment.

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