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Hosted VoIP for your business

Voice over IP is a method of using a secure connection to the internet to make a phone call, rather than using a traditional PBX telephone system and line.This method is revolutionising the way businesses communicate with their customers, and each other. Businesses can now communicate through an internet or IP connection which is much more stable and secure.

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VoIP's Advantages

VoIPIn today’s challenging business environment every area of a company’s operations is coming under the microscope to ensure profitability is maximised. While few would argue against good communication with customers, suppliers and the workforce being essential to long-term prosperity, many organisations are unaware that telecoms technology can be harnessed to achieve key objectives and enhance its service without adversely impacting on the bottom line.

Have it Your Way

Not all businesses are the same, so why should you try to work around an inflexible telephony package? Our customised telecoms system can be tailor developed to meet an individual company’s specific requirements, with features such as voicemail, conference calling, call recording, hunt groups and PC2text, as well as advanced services like interactive voice (IVR) and fax to email and email to fax. Training is provided as part of the deal, to ensure staff can use the system to the company’s best advantage, along with full technical support.

Line Rentals and Call Packages

Telecoms are an inescapable business overhead but low-cost line rental and call packages, including free calls between branch offices, for example, can be set up to help drive down costs and improve service. Powerful call and web conferencing features not only enable firms to conduct productive meetings but also mean they can cut expenditure on business travel.

Where Are You Calling From?

Non-geographic, fixed rate 08 numbers and services for inbound calls can establish a national identity – either for the whole business or key departments such as customer service – and can also help a company assess the response to a marketing campaign. Choose from a low-cost option or a service that will allow the business to benefit from the revenue generated by incoming calls to a technical advice line, for example. 0800 numbers can also help companies win new business, as people are encouraged to call a free or low-cost number to take advantage of a particular offer, and you can take the numbers with you if you relocate.

Interactive Voice

Interactive voice (IVR) facilitates data capture, enables a company to take orders over the phone and can direct/transfer incoming calls without the need to employ people. It also comes into its own as part of a disaster recovery plan, if an office has to close due to flooding or fire, for example. Calls can be rerouted to another location to minimise disruption to the company’s service and ensure customers get a response. With no charges for extra hardware, integration or maintenance, this is a low-cost service that can help reduce the number of lost calls and safeguard a company’s hard won reputation. IVR can be adapted to deal with temporary or permanent changes in business operations and with call recording and queuing facilities gives greater control over incoming calls while also projecting a professional corporate image.

Call Recording

Call RecordingCall recording enables a company to record and play back calls to confirm what has been discussed, so is ideal for businesses that want to improve quality control or ensure regulatory compliance. This web-based service can also help improve customer relations and determine staff training requirements. No investment in hardware, system maintenance or extra data storage is necessary and there is no charge to retrieve calls. To ensure security, all calls are backed up within the supplier's network and stored for as long as the customer specifies or indefinitely. This service suits businesses of all sizes since networks have the capacity for thousands of lines to be monitored across various locations at no extra cost.

Call Queuing

Call queuing is ideal for businesses with a busy reception or a call centre, since it helps them deal with heavy traffic and presents the company in a professional and positive light – via tailored messages – when a customer is ‘on hold’. The service can be configured to operate in line with changing business needs and since it is provided via the supplier’s network, there is no set-up charge, no need for new hardware and no maintenance consideration.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is gaining in popularity as it provides greater flexibility as well as significant potential cost savings to companies with homeworkers, branches or international offices. VOIP enables homeworkers to make lower cost outgoing calls to any location. Using the VOIP system to make outgoing calls to numbers that are not connected through VOIP is also cheaper than calling from traditional landlines. A single, monthly itemised bill incorporating all services from a single supplier is available online or by post, ensures VOIP is easy to manage.
Securely hosted on Wavenet’s Broadsoft platform in their data centres, everything is managed and maintained and kept up to date for you. As well as our hosted voice we can also offer integration with your CRM package and Microsoft LYNC with one click dialling and presence to help increase staff productivity and efficiency.

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